DL Local Champions 2017

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As part of this year’s DL100 Awards, we once again asked each of our 12 Regions to name their choice of DL Local Champion for 2017, and the names are in. Once more, they reflect the cross-sector community that make up Digital Leaders in the UK. We have representatives from SMEs, Central and Local Government, Academia, Charities and Enterprise.

Jacyn Heavens

DL East of England

Ansgar Koene

DL East Midlands

Katy Potts

DL London

Sarat Pediredla

DL North East

Elizabeth Vega

DL North West

Trevor Steenson

DL Northern Ireland

Colin Cook

DL Scotland

Sarah Burnett

DL South East

Richard Benham

DL South West

Simon Renault

DL Wales

Matthew Adam

DL West Midlands

Adam Beaumont

DL Yorkshire