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About Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders is an initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. Our community of 100,000 senior leaders are involved in leveraging technology to promote economic growth, increase social well-being and narrow social gaps across the UK.

About the Digital Leaders 100 (DL100)

The DL100 list is created by public vote and celebrates the teams and
individuals who are working hard behind the scenes to secure the UK’s Digital Transformation. We have been asking you to help us find these digital
pioneers from across the UK and from the public, private and non-profit
sectors, every year since 2013.

Nominating to the DL100 2017 List

Stage one of creating the DL100 2017 List is the open call for nominations. Nominations can be made by you in any of the 10 categories below. When you nominate to a category, we then ask the nominee if they would like to put their name or organisation forward for the 2017 list. If they do, we ask them to provide sufficient details of their work in that category to allow our judges to shortlist them. Anyone can nominate, so please feel free to nominate as many individuals, products or services that have impressed you the most in the last 12 months.

Nominations close on Friday 31 March 2017.



Please find the Digital Leaders 100 categories below:

Mobile Innovation of the Year

More than half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile devices and increasingly from more than smart phones and tablets, such as wearables. Whether delivering public services or being the main source of connectivity for some in rural areas, innovation in the mobile sector continues to be the main platform for many digital transformations across all sectors. This award recognises innovation in a service or product that has had measurable impact on its target community.

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Cyber Resilience Innovation of the Year

Moving public data to the cloud, the increasing number of cyber attacks and the need to develop new skills and systems within organisations as well as the “human factor” are all now high profile challenges to Cyber Resilience. This award is for a product or service, which in the last year has delivered a measurable impact or outcome in this area.

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Fintech Innovation of the Year

The transformation of Public Services, charities and SMEs has been transformed by the creation of new financial products by the growing Fintech Sector. This award is for a product or service that in the last year that has been used to innovate or transform a public, private or non-profit service.

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Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration of the Year

Increasingly solutions are not developed or delivered by one sector alone whether public or private, but require cross-sector collaboration. This award is for a digital product or service that in the last year has had a measurable impact and delivered real outcomes.

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Digital Council of the Year

Some of the greatest innovations in Digital Public Services have come from the Local Government Sector. This award recognises those Councils that over the last year have delivered measurable digital transformation either internally in their organisation or in the way they are providing their public services

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Digital Skills or Inclusion Initiative of the Year

From Basic Digital Skills or Inclusion to executive education. This award is for a product or service, which in the last year has delivered a real impact in terms of digital skills or inclusion to its intended community.

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Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year

The Digital Transformation of Public Services in the UK remains a key part of the modernisation of Public Services from Central and Local Government; to Health and blue light services. This award is for a public sector product or service that has shown an innovative approach during the last year that has seen measurable impact and outcomes.

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Digital SME of the Year

SMEs are developing innovative digital services and products that are increasingly being recognised as underpinning the UK’s economic growth. This award is for an SME organisation that, in the last 12 months, has delivered digital impact in their business sector.

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Digital Charity of the Year

The Charity Sector has been behind other sectors in embracing Digital Transformation despite the strong evidence of its benefits. This award is for
charities or non-profit organisations who have in the last year demonstrated the transformative power of digital to change themselves or their services to their beneficiaries.

Digital Leader of the Year

The Digital Leaders programme recognises the importance of Leadership in driving forward digital transformation in the UK. This award is for an individual whose actions in the past year have made them standout as a Digital Leader in the transformation of their sector.

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