DL100 2016 Results

First Place on the DL100 List and Overall Winner

Share Driving Licence, DVLA

Digital Leader of the Year 2016

Maggie Philbin, CEO of Teen Tech

Most people will know Maggie from her work on Tomorrow’s World and she has stayed on the pulse of science and technology ever since. In 2014 she led an independent taskforce and her 2014 report ‘Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World ‘met with considerable support across the sector She leads the award winning TeenTech initiative, is President of the Institute of Engineering Designers, sits on the STEM Commission for Haringey and leads the Young STEM TaskForce.

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Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year 2016

Share Driving Licence, DVLA

DVLA’s Share Driving  Licence service provides drivers with the ability to view their driving licence information online and share it quick and easily with those who need it. The driver controls who they share their data with and those receiving it get a clear, up-to-date summary of the driving record.

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Charity Digital Leader of the Year 2016

Action for Children

Action for Children supports the Scout’s digital manifesto for children: using digital to learn, inspire and share, whilst staying safe online and knowing when to switch off.  With digital such a major part of children’s lives we are embracing technology in how we work, engage and collaborate.

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Digital Inclusion and Skills Initiative of the Year 2016

Coding & Programming in Primary Schools, iTeach UK

The Coding & Programming project has brought about real change in Northern Ireland and Scotland as hundreds of pupils and teachers are engaged in embedding coding in the curriculum in Primary Schools across the region.

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 Cyber Resilience Innovation of the Year 2016

Cyber Security Challenge UK

The Cyber Security Challenge is a series of national competitions, learning programmes, and networking initiatives designed to identify, inspire and enable more EU citizens resident in the UK to become cyber security professionals. Established to bolster the national pool of cyber skills, it offers a unique programme of activities to introduce sufficient numbers of appropriately skilled individuals to learning and career opportunities in the profession.

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Consumer Digital Innovation of the Year 2016

Consumer Digital Team, Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is transforming a 250 year old financial institution to become the best digital franchise in the UK banking sector by investing over £1billion in improving digital capability for its customers. In five years the bank has achieved a 400% online growth with over 11.5m active online customers, including over 6.5m mobile customers.  They experience ‘beautifully simple banking’ designed for customers, by customers in the innovation labs.  The bank passionately believes digital should be inclusive not exclusive and through its 12,000 digital champions and strategic partners, it plays a vital role in helping the 12 million people who lack basic digital skills to get online.

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Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration of the Year 2016

DVSA MOT Modernisation Programme, Kainos

The key to the success of the DVSA’s MOT modernisation project was continuous collaboration between users and the project team. By using agile development, DVSA has achieved its goals and boasts a service that is easy to use and cost-efficient.

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SME Digital Leader of the Year 2016

Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions is an award-winning, independent provider of ‘end to end’ digital transformation services, specialising in complex transactional environments. We deliver digital services and solutions across a broad spectrum of industry and government sector clients in over 40 countries and have been named North West Export Champions 2016 by UKTI.

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Fintech Innovation of the Year 2016

PayPal Working Capital

PayPal has changed the way that SMEs can access funding to invest and grow their businesses. PayPal Working Capital is a fast, fair and flexible alternative to a traditional loan. Eligible business customers can apply in minutes for a cash advance against their future sales, and receive the funds that same day.

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Digital Council of the Year 2016

Wigan Council

Wigan Council is ambitious – developing a true digital borough and ensuring everyone enjoys the power of digital.  Our digital strategy outlines our ambition to make Wigan the best digital council and truly digital borough by 2020.  We have defined measures of success for business growth, connectivity and tackling digital exclusion.

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DL Local Champion 2016

Caron Alexander – Northern Ireland

Caron is currently the Director of both Digital and Technology Shared Services.  This includes provision of IT infrastructure services for the NI Civil Service and some wider public sector organisations, responsibility for the NI Government citizen portal (including nidirect contact centre services) and  delivering the NI Digital Transformation Programme.  She has successfully completed the digital programmes first major milestone of delivering 16 new digital citizen facing services and increasing digital transactions by more than 3.5 million.  In her role she also drives the NI Open Data agenda, and following publication of the NI Open Data Strategy last year has delivered the already successful NI Open Data Portal Previously Caron developed the Department of the Environment NI digital strategy and held a number of programme management and senior IT positions in the NICS.

Computer Weekly Editor’s Awards 2016

Vulnerable People Emergency Response by Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council, in conjunction with Kainos and Skyscape, used agile development and cloud hosting to build a data sharing hub allowing relief agencies to share specific information during emergencies. This system will help ensure our most vulnerable residents are protected and the strain on emergency responders is reduced.