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Thank you to all that took part and nominated individuals, teams, innovations and organisations leading digitally in the UK.

Winning the Young Digital Leader award has opened so many doors and conversations for me. It's been great to meet such a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and industries to challenge how I think and what I'm doing.
Vimla AppadooYoung Digital Leader of the Year - 2018

Digital Leader of the Year

The Digital Leaders programme recognises the importance of Leadership in driving forward digital transformation in the UK. This award is for an individual whose actions in the past year have made them stand out as a Digital Leader in the transformation of their sector.

Digital Council of the Year

Some of the greatest innovations in Digital Public Services have come from the Local Government Sector. This award recognises those councils that over the last year have delivered measurable digital transformation either internally in their organisation or in the way they are providing their public services.

Digital Skills or Inclusion Initiative of the Year

This award covers from Basic Digital Skills or Inclusion to executive education. This award is for a product or service, which in the last year has delivered a real impact in terms of digital skills or inclusion to its intended community.

HealthTech Innovation of the Year

Technological change represents a golden opportunity for healthcare providers in the UK to deliver services to a higher standard with the help of innovative tech. This award is for a product or service which, in the last year, leveraged technology to improve healthcare provision or service efficiency.

Young Digital Leader of the Year

This category recognises the extraordinary achievements of young people aged 16-24 in the digital transformation space from all across the UK. This award is for a young individual whose actions in the past year have made an impact in the transformation of their sector.

Digital Charity of the Year

The Charity Sector is embracing Digital Transformation in response to the strong evidence of its benefits. This award is for charities or not-profit organisations who have in the last year demonstrated the transformative power of digital to themselves or services to their beneficiaries.

AI Innovation of the Year

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language are revolutionising services by using data to power automation of services, delivering significant positive impacts. This award recognises an exemplary product or service, which over the last year utilised AI positively to make an impact in its respective area.

Digital SME of the Year

SMEs in the UK are developing innovative digital services and products that are increasingly being recognised for overall economic development. This award is for SME organisations that in the last 12 months have delivered digital impact in their chosen sector.

Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration of the Year

2018 saw many more GovTech style solutions developed in partnership between the public and private sectors. This award is for a cross-sector digital product or service that in the last year has had a measurable impact and delivered real outcomes.

Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year

Public Sector Innovation is a new focus of the modernisation of Public Services from Central and Local Government; to Health and blue light services. This award is for a public sector innovation including the use of a service during the last year that has delivered measurable impact.