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Arcus Global

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Arcus Global

Arcus Global was established in 2009 by two graduates of the Judge Business School, Denis Kaminskiy and Lars Malmqvist. Arcus Global uses modern technology in a disruptive way making it accessible to the Public Sector. Arcus Global assists the Public Sector to save costs and deliver transformational change via Cloud-based solutions.

During the last 12 months Arcus has continued to consolidate it’s existing client base at the same time as successfully establishing new products and markets. Arcus uses technology in a disruptive way for the public sector. Arcus builds innovative Cloud based products that help people doing the most important jobs do them better. We’ve created more than 50 products and services to cover many aspects of public sector service provision. For example our popular Arcus Place enables you to make your local environment better by streamlining services such as planning, building control and waste management through the smart use of cloud based applications. We are particularly proud of the work that we have done with Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the last 12 months. We developed the World’s First Alexa Skill for Local Government Transactions. Initially the Alexa skill will be used to ask for payment options for council tax, to obtain information on recycling, waste collections, and recycled needle collections. Residents will also be able ask questions on the political and council leadership. We have also launched Arcus Answer. Arcus Answer uses AI in a contact centre setting. It sits at the frontline, handling customer calls. It reduces workload of staff whilst saving money. We configure Answer to handle the questions customers ask the most, allowing contact centre staff more time to resolve complex queries, improving staff morale and customer satisfaction. Within one month 43% of calls were resolved for NHSBSA without the need to speak to an operator.

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