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The Edgeway Group

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The Edgeway Group

The Edgeway Group create bespoke cloud based business management tools which automate the end to end administration processes within any business environment. From processing emails to dispatching goods every administrative process is automated. This allows for complete workflow transparency, resource scheduling, extensive MI reporting and acute performance and shrinkage monitoring.

Recently we have automated the entire end to end administration process for orders submitted by Vispring beds to a high-end manufacturer in the South West. The original ordering process required the administrator to save all emailed PDF orders (30-40 per day) submitted overnight by Vispring’s SAP system to the local drive. They would open each PDF and then manually enter the information into a spreadsheet. From this spreadsheet they would copy each new line into a job card which would form the unique work instructions for the carpenters and upholsterers. The administrator would then copy the same line from the spreadsheet into another spreadsheet which would create the delivery labels for when the final product was ready for delivery. The administrator would update the original spreadsheet with the finished weight, update the FSC compliance log and then copy all of the lines from the original spreadsheet to another to create a delivery manifest. Our solution collects the emailed orders from the inbox, saves the PDF order on the server, extracts the information contained within, enters the order into the order database, creates the job cards, creates the labels and emails all of the resulting information to the admin team for printing. It updates the FSC log and product weights and emails a delivery manifest to Vispring all from the operatives scanning barcodes generated by our solution. Cost per transaction has reduced from £10.66 to 0.003p; order processing time reduced from 7 hours per day to 6 minutes every morning.

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