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MyFirmsApp - Unique Mobile App for Accountancy Firms

MyFirmsApp has created a brand new App platform that makes it easy for accountants to connect with their clients on their smartphones and tablets.

This is a major innovation in an industry where accountants have the opportunity to become digital heroes, helping their business clients to make the digital world work for them.

The new App platform enables accountants to easily have their own App, which is downloadable from the iOS App Store or Google play and the App is given away free to clients. It delivers real-time communication and a plethora of tools, such as receipt management and mileage trackers and 18 different calculators that are designed to make running a business easier. The OneApp platform complies with new GDPR regulation and enables accountants to interact with their clients, day or night.

Joel Oliver, CEO, MyFirmsApp says: “We have worked closely with Apple to bring to market a solution that works with its’ strict new rules and regulations and we believe that the new platform provides accountants with the opportunity to create the next level of brand experience for their clients with mobile at the very centre of the accountant client relationship.”

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