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No Isolation

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No Isolation

No Isolation is a Norwegian company, founded in October 2015, fighting social isolation and loneliness. They became aware that loneliness experienced by children with long-term illness was in many cases, just as bad as the illness itself.

This sparked their desire to make a change, and so they designed AV1, a telepresence robot. AV1 acts as the eyes, ears and voice for children and young adults with long-term illnesses and allows them to participate in their everyday lives. From there, the aim of the company came about: to end social isolation and loneliness.

No Isolation has grown to over 70 employees in four countries, and also created a one-button computer for seniors that bridges the gap between generations. No Isolation designs specifically for niche groups that are otherwise left out of technological developments and make technology that is warm for those who need it most. Throughout this journey, No Isolation has become a thought leader on the subject of loneliness and social isolation.

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