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ORCHA Healthcare Ltd

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ORCHA Healthcare Ltd


At ORCHA we have built the world largest health app library which is filled with live rated and reviewed apps, we create targeted app libraries for the NHS, corporate welling and pharmacy’s who also access the functionality for their professionals to prescribe apps to those who need apps the most.

The key benefit of the ORCHA solution is to individual patients and citizens in supporting them to find solutions they can trust to improve their health and wellbeing and in also supporting clinical professional groups across health and care providers, who wish to recommend, prescribe and clinically implement apps. We have hundreds of GPs, clinicians and carers who are using this feature to prescribe apps to their patients, and clients. For example, we are working with in primary care where local practices are using the system to recommend the best smoking cessation app to their patient lists known to smoke. We are also working with care assistant who prescribe apps as a part of health checks. Another example is in Mental health, where patients are provided with an app at their GP appointment and along the IAPT or CAHMs pathway. Here apps have been seen to reduce patients need for therapy, drugs and have also been used to achieve better outcome measures across the whole pathway.

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