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ProtectBox Ltd

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ProtectBox Ltd

Cybersecurity comparison website/marketplace that automates buying the right cybersecurity at the right price, rating and regulation for small and medium businesses. In hours, business owners can go from filling out our online form to filtering our comparisons to downloading the bundle of cyber solutions they’ve just bought. Businesses pay us nothing for our service, we get a fee from suppliers.

Trusted’ service providers to SMBs such as accountants, telcos, banks, insurers etc refer us to businesses (we’re sold as a cyber add-on in same way as insurance add-ons are sold with banking products). Existing marketplaces (our competitors) such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud are partnering to refer suppliers to us. Automating the end-to-end process to be plug-and-play, in this way, has never been achieved before. Others (including the big names) have tried and are now helping us instead. As they agree that having an independent (so not owned by a supplier), data analytics-driven, global regulation focussed algorithm/tool is key to the future (/disrupting the) cybersecurity industry. We’ve won Wired Security & been finalist in 15+ other Awards, generating a lot of media attention for this reason. Also because we’re challenging norms of who can work in cyber by hiring ex-forces, graduates, returners etc.

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