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The Work Crowd

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The Work Crowd

The Work Crowd is transforming the way businesses access PR and marketing support to help them achieve their growth plans, whilst supporting the rise in the professional gig economy. The platform connects businesses with expert PR and marketing talent by intelligently matching them to vetted professionals faster, cheaper and flexibly.

The Work Crowd is enabling businesses to connect with marketing and PR talent like never before, and developing a community of experts for agile businesses to tap into where and when they need support. Through our intelligent algorithm, clients are matched to the perfect freelancer in just a few clicks and the platform ensures smooth communication and processing of payment to instil peace of mind for both parties.

Our community of approved freelancers has grown to 1,652, with a total of 770 clients, more than half of whom have transacted projects through the platform.

Throughout the past 12 months, we’ve transacted over £1.5 million in project value, acquired 217 new clients and 183 new projects have been set up. With the rising gig economy, our platform is meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and agile businesses as well as the growing freelance community in Britain and around the world.

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