Digital Leaders 100 Awards 2018

The DL100 Awards honour the highest achievements from the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail within the digital space

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We Celebrate Digital Heroes in the Public Sector

The Digital Leaders Awards were launched in 2013 and have become the major awards for those individuals and teams leading Digital Transformation in the UK. It is a list of 100 that recognises the leaders and organisations who are pioneering change within the public sector, Enterprise, SMEs and Charity Sectors, generated by their peers.

The awards are part of Digital Leaders Week 2018.

The awards are judged by the Digital Leaders Advisory Board, an arms length independent group of leading digital figures from the private sector, Whitehall, Local Government and non-profit sectors and is
chaired by Jacqueline de Rojas.

Nominations for the 2018 Awards will open soon. Judges shortlist these nominations down to 100 finalists. Then the public has the chance to vote for their winners. This with the final judges scores determines the final order of the DL100 List and the Winners of each category. The Digital Leaders community will gather in central London to celebrate the winners of the 2018 DL100 Awards on 21 June 2018.


The Awards would not be possible without the support of our sponsors

This year there are opportunities to sponsor one of the 12 categories, as well as to host your clients and peers during the Awards Gala event. The DL100 event gives our sponsors access to an extensive network of private and public sector organisations, businesses and individuals who are connected by an interest in digital transformation in the UK. The Digital Leaders 100 Awards provide a high-profile platform for companies to achieve significant brand exposure before, during and after the awards event.


DL100 Judges

Jacqueline de Rojas

tech UK

Theo Blackwell

LB Camden

Emma McGuigan


Oliver Morley


Rachel Neaman

Corsham Institute

Maggie Philbin


Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola

Previously LBG

Lesley Seary

LB Islington

Nick Williams

Lloyds Bank

Chris Yiu

Tony Blair Institute



Who are Digital Leaders?

Digital Leaders is an initiative that has created a shared professional space for senior leadership from different sectors promoting effective, long-term digital transformation. For more information on what we do, visit:


What is the DL100 list?

The Digital Leaders 100 list was launched in 2013 as a new way to recognise individuals and organisations who demonstrate a pioneering and sustainable approach to digital transformation across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

How are the winners determined?

The DL100 List 2017 is put into a final order based on the number of votes each member of the list receives in the Public Vote and the order they are placed in by the Judges. The public vote and judges scores each make up half of the final score and are combined to determine a final order. The top places in the list and the category winners will be announced on the 22nd of June 2017 at an Awards dinner.

Who are the Judges?

The awards are judged by the Digital Leaders Advisory Board, an arms length independent group of leading digital figures from the private sector, Whitehall, Local Government and non-profit sectors and is chaired by Jacqueline de Rojas. See them

Can I contact the Judging Panel directly?

Unfortunately, our Judges are unable to discuss their judging decisions.

Are the awards for the organisations or individuals?

Our categories recognise individual, organisation or a service/product. Please refer to the category description for exact details.

Who can vote?

Anyone can vote so tell your friends and contacts to log onto

How do I vote?

Click on the vote button on the website. Register your email address and follow the instructions. The categories appear one at a time and you vote by clicking on the “Tick” under each list member you want to vote for. The “Tick" will go blue when your vote is registered. Once you click the “Tick” the vote is registered and cannot be undone – so take care!

Can I vote for more than one entry in each category?

Yes. You can vote for as many of the 10 finalists in each category as you wish

Can I vote in more than one category?

Yes please. We encourage you to go through each the 10 categories and vote for everyone you feel deserves your support

How many times can I log on and vote?

Only one round of votes per person is allowed, but you can vote for as many of the list as you like.

When does the voting close?

The vote will close at 12 noon on Friday 9th June 2017.

What happens after I submit my vote?

You will receive an email confirmation thanking you for voting and your votes will be added together with everyone else and will count towards half the final score that puts the list into a final order.

Are votes anonymous?


When will the category winners be announced?

The top places in the list and the sector winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner on the 22nd of June at 10pm in Central London.

I have further questions about the DL100 list and Awards. Who do I contact?

For any further questions, please contact our Head of Events at